BEMO e-Advisor is an online asset allocation tool that provides automated, algorithm-based portfolio diversification advice. It is a novel and unique way to offer our investors automated portfolio optimization, tailoring the approach to each investor’s risk aversion.

BEMO e-Advisor will identify the investor’s risk appetite through a short series of behavioral questions. Based on the individual answers, the robo-advisor will recommend a suitable target asset allocation that aims at maximizing the investors’ return.

The target asset allocation will constitute the investor’s Core portfolio. The Core portfolio will be comprised of a spectrum of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) across various Asset classes (Equity, Fixed Income, Preferred Shares and Real Estate).

BEMO e-Advisor applies a disciplined asset construction methodology to balance return with risk tolerance. The solution’s strategy is pursuant to the modern asset theory and adapted to various complex mathematical models for asset allocation seeking to overcome traditional challenges and limitations encountered in modern asset theory.

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